11 Feb 2021

Emma Weller’s Winter Bundles

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We are proud to support student athlete Emma Weller with her project “Winter Bundles”!

Enduring all of the adversity that student athletes have faced with everything they strive for being put on hold during this pandemic, it is so great to see Emma take her energy and free time to support the homeless in the Ottawa, Toronto, & Kingston area. Emma has taught herself to sew, making hats and mitts for the homeless. “I provide two water bottles, also hand-warmers, wipes for sanitation with COVID, tissues, socks, two pieces like granola bars, a piece of fruit and then my bundles,” Weller explains. “We loaded up our two wagons and we walk the streets of downtown.”

HotShots and Sun & Snow have donated Hand Warmers, Toe Warmers, and Lip Balm to be included in the packages. Other necessities are purchased with funds raised through her GoFundMe campaign. If you can, please support Emma’s Winter Bundles at https://gofund.me/d6b379de

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