HotShots Warmers Fundraising Program

Supporting Amateur Athletes & Education

Supporting our amateur athletes is very important to us. HotShots is offering special fundraising pricing to allow teams and individual athletes the opportunity to sell boxes of the highest quality Hand, Toe, Body Warmers and Heated Insoles for very easy, high return profits.

We understand that travel and equipment costs are getting higher, coaching is getting more expensive, and funding is harder to receive. We, at HotShots Warmers Canada, wanted to find a way to help so we have developed a fundraising program that could help cover the some of these costs. And why not sell HotShots Warmers that everyone can use all winter long!

For each box of HotShots sold, your profit is $10.00. Selling in bulk by the box for a price that is much lower than the individual suggested retail prices, makes for very easy sales. (ie. If a team member sells 20 boxes, the profit is $200.00)

You will receive an electronic package which includes:

  1. HotShots Fundraising Program Order Sheet. This is the list of products and selling prices which each team member can forward on to their supporters. You can print off as many of these as needed.
  2. Individual Tally Sheet. This is the tally of each team member’s total sales which is to be handed in to your fundraiser coordinator. Each team member needs one copy.
  3. Team Order Sheet. This is the total order that your fundraising coordinator will send into HotShots at the end of your fundraiser. It will show number of boxes of each product ordered, total due, and your total profit.

We know how busy you are, so all of the paperwork has been done for you! Our pre made electronic forms can be printed out or sent out electronically. All prices include tax and delivery. The profit always remains $10.00/box. There are no hidden or extra costs. At the end of your fundraiser, simply have your coordinator send in the Team Order Sheet. Together we will determine a delivery date/time/place and you will receive all of your HotShots in one shipment. Payment must be made in advance or given to the driver at time of delivery.

HotShots Warmers is a Canadian company under the Sun & Snow/David Astley & Co. umbrella. We take pride in producing the highest quality warmers on the market. Amateur athletes, teams, and education are all very important to us and we are happy to help!

For any additional information please contact Susanne Smith at HotShots Warmers
phone: 1-800-690-9998 email: [email protected] web:

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